In order to prepare your Inventory of Hazardous Materials (IHM) for approval and certification, the STAR EAM System has been updated. The functionality and user interface ensures smooth management of the IHM requirements and assures your compliance.

The IHM was adopted in the Hong Kong International Convention (HKC) in 2009 and is a requirement by the EU Ship Recycling Regulation (EU SRR) 2013. Which states that ships flying a flag of an EU/EEA and third-party ships visiting EU/EEA ports and anchorages shall have a valid and certified IHM on board from 31. December 2020.

What are the IHM requirements?

Inventory of Hazardous Material (IHM) is a document identifying all potentially hazardous materials onboard a vessel and shall be maintained throughout the life of the ship. In addition to the list, a Certificate on Inventory of Hazardous Goods is required onboard.

Prepare for IHM Certification

In order to prepare your IHM for approval and certification, the STAR EAM System has been updated with functionality and user interface that ensures smooth management of the process. The system holds the information needed to support all requirements, this is applicable both for:

  • Technical accounts
  • Equipment
  • Spare parts
  • Consumables

The IHM requirement is not only applicable for inventory materials but just as important for the ship structure material and the equipment installed. Tagging the IHM is just one of the features that are covered by the STAR EAM System. The software also allows you to identify which class of hazardous materials you have onboard and how it should be handled. It holds a library of the UN codes used to classify such material, providing additional details that are important for the crew’s internal processes and anyone being potentially exposed to it.

For each object on board, it is also possible to link the MD/SDoC document, or any other necessary certificate that may apply for the material.

Technical account tagged with IHM

Technical account tagged with IHM

IHM Maintenance

It is the ship owner’s responsibility to ensure continuous conformity of the inventory in compliance with the regulations during the entire lifetime of the ship. However, it is the manufacturer’s responsibility to provide documentation about the equipment and material they deliver. The STAR EAM solution is designed to automatically import any updates to the MD/SDoC documentation. Our SISCommerce e-trading platform and the new SISCommerce Catalog supports the exchange of documents between the trading companies. When the suppliers upload their documentation, the ship owners/managers automatically receive it and the STAR EAM replication engine will distribute it to all vessels having this material/equipment onboard.

The STAR Advantage for IHM

  • Full IHM compliance

  • Reporting of IHM onboard any ship at any time

  • Continuously updated

Don’t worry! Contact us for guidance and help on how to comply with the IHM requirements.